During our sessions, we will use several approaches, including those described below to understand better your needs and make you evolve.

System psychodynamics

Explore the system that surrounds you

Having been trained and certified over the last 5 years as Executive Coach, Group Facilitator and Organisational Consultant with the System Psychodynamic method at Tavistock and Portman Foundation Trust, it has influenced the way that I approach coaching situations. Meaning that I will, through conversation, roleplays and experiential exercises always keep the wider system, the organizational dynamics in mind, and try and explore what could be going on under the surface that might influence your situation.

“This approach creates more room, freedom, oxygen to look at a situation”

This provides you with a holistic view of what is going on, not just what your contribution or influence is, but also what is going on outside of yourself that is impacting you. This approach I believe creates more room, freedom, oxygen to look at a situation, which subsequently provides you with more choice in how to approach a situation.

Neuro linguistic program

A powerful bodily experience

I started my coaching career through NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming.

What I like and take away from that method are mainly the outcome driven exercises. It can be very powerful to “feel” what is holding you back in a certain situation. NLP exercises can help tremendously to not only intellectualize but also have a bodily experience of a change.

Archetypes at work™

Another lens that influences my approach, both for individuals and teams, are the archetypes.

I am certified in the Archetypes at Work method, which can help to bring out strengths, but also points of focus and development. The archetypes are unconscious patterns of behaviour that have existed throughout time and cultures. Each of us have a cast of archetypes that are all at our disposition, but often some archetypes are “overused” or “underused”.

With the help of an assessment, I can help individuals and teams to understand themselves and each other a little better.
I’m also able to determine where to step up or step down, which archetypes need to turn up more, or less.

Executive coach, Group facilitator & Organizational consultant
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