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Executive coaching for Individuals

“We will explore person, role and organization… behaviours, beliefs and individual and thought patterns”

The coaching sessions start with a chemistry call, where we try and define the focus of the sessions. The Chemistry call takes 30 minutes and is without charge. We then contract 5 coaching sessions after which we either end the process or re-contract a new set of sessions. It is important to me that trajectories have a clear beginning and a clear end.

In the coaching sessions, we will explore person, role and organization, meaning that we will look at individual patterns, behaviours, beliefs and thought patterns and we will always make sure that we look at the role you are in and the organizational dynamics that might stand in the way or influence how you show up.

Team Development

“Taking a step back together as a team might then be a good idea”

Sometimes we get stuck in teams. It seems that some members of a team don’t communicate, have no patience or understanding of each other, and this influences the rest of the team, the atmosphere, the communication and ultimately the effectiveness of the team.

Taking a step back together as a team might then be a good idea. Looking at tasks, roles and getting clarity and being on the same page might be a first step. Looking at individual behaviours and how these impact others might be a next step. Having open, honest and safe discussions about the impact we have on eachother is an important element of team effectiveness.

In my work with teams, I have designed and delivered many different team workshops where we have used 360 degree feedback as a starting point and as a red threat, where we used experiential exercises to bring out unconscious behaviours, and where we have shared stories with eachother in order to get to know eachother better. My commitment to each of these teams has always been to leave with concrete actions, not just with impressions and ideas. I believe it is important to work not only on the How of the team but also on the What.

Executive coach, Group facilitator & Organizational consultant
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